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Thank you! 


 Thanks to everyone that came along to our sold out gig on Saturday 9th February. PHOTOS


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“Hello everyone!!! Just wanted to say again how much we loved the gig on Sunday!!!
It was great, and our friend Lidia really enjoyed it too!!! Looking forward to the next one!!! Nathalie :)”

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“I liked their voices.”
Zach, age 8, Lev’s Lounge 6

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It was fantastic… I loved their voices and the mixture of people.
Fernanda, Lev’s Lounge 8

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“It’s so refreshing in this age of manufactured music & artists to see real people sing real music in real surroundings. Such great entertainment!!” Angela, Lev’s Lounge 3

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Such a relaxing afternoon, I loved it – Thank you Lev!
Tim, Lev’s Lounge 8

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I really enjoyed it, and I loved all the different styles of music. Sophie, Lev’s Lounge 8

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“I haven’t heard harmonies like that live for a really long time.” Dave, Lev’s Lounge 6

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“Thanks for such a great evening… What a talented bunch you all are – we want more!!!!” Angela, Lev’s Lounge 3

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“Tonight is a real revelation, it’s absolutely thrilling.”
Laura, Lev’s Lounge 6

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Another great evening of entertainment yesterday, well done to all!
All my friends loved it and said they will bring their friends next time.

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“A wonderful evening’s entertainment – we were up and dancing along. A wonderful variety of songs – something for everyone. Can’t wait for the next Lev’s Lounge.” Serena, Lev’s Lounge 15

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“It was a really fantastic evening. I very much enjoyed the variety of songs. I look forward to the next Lev’s Lounge.” Richard, Lev’s Lounge 1

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“A really amazing group of people, all really talented and diverse.” Lily, Lev’s Lounge 6.